Cannaiola - Colli Etruschi Viterbesi

Cannaiola grape variety is cultivated from time immemorial in the areas pertaining to the municipalities of Marta and Capodimonte (located on the south-west side of Lake Bolsena) and to the suburb of San Savino in the town of Tuscania. After a period of relative neglect and after the approval of the designation of protected origin «Cannaiola» - «Colli Etruschi Viterbesi» the cultivation has increased and the preservation of this grape variety was all due to the tenacity of some farmers that saved the clones; among them Domenico Moretti was the first to propagate and to register his vineyard under the name "Cannaiola".

Villa Puri, Cannaiola Di Marta

Cannaiola di Marta

Description: color between ruby and purple, gives off to olfaction aromas of rose, violet, peony, wild cherry, blackberry. Flatters the palate with a sweet vein well modulated by the freshness and the savoury of volcanic soil.
Vineyards: town of Marta, suburb San Savino, at a altitude of about 250 mt. above sea level.
Type of soil: on flat terrains of volcanic origin with a prevalence of tuffs, rich of skeletons with slowly absorbable potassium.
Grape variety: indigenous black grapes Cannaiolo typical of areas of Marta, Capodimonte and San Savino, handed down since long time by old farmers and always used for Cannaiola wine's production.
Harvest: manual and differentiated in two subsequent stages in order to harmonize the organoleptic and physico-chemical components of musts.
Winemaking: for two weeks in presence of marcs, with daily pumpings of the wine over the cap and a "saignée" during the last period.
Alcoholic fermentation: performed at a temperature of about 22° in order to pre-
serve musts' flavours.
Alcoholic strength: 12.5%+2 according to the seasonal weather pattern.
Food matching: Ideal to accompany rustic snacks or bittersweet foods. For the
gentle residual of sugar it goes equally well with desserts not too sweet.
Bottiglia: 0,500 lt.

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D.O.P. regulations

The D.O.P. recognition, as required by the product specification, is reserved for those wines made of «black Canaiolo», locally simply called «Canaiolo», by no less than the 85%, and for the remainder part from other red grape varieties suitable for cultivation in the region of Latium, up to a maximum of 15%, excluding the Ciliegiolo.
The specification also states that "the presentation and description of those wine made from the black Canaiolo must use on the label the local synonymous «Canaiolo», while instead for those wines made from grapes collected in vineyards located in the small area of Marta, Capodimonte and S. Savino must use in the label the term «Cannaiola»"