The name of this wine comes from a legend. In 1111 Henry V of Germany was reaching Rome with his army to receive from Pope Paschal II the crown of Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire. After him there was also a bishop, Johannes Defuk, wine connoisseur. To satisfy this passion to discover new flavors, the bishop sent his butler Martin ahead with the task to precede him along the road to Rome, to try and choose the best wines. The two had agreed on a code signal: if Martin had found good wine, he would have wrote "Est", or "No" next to the door of the inn, and when the wine was very good, he would have wrote "Est Est". The servant, when he arrived in Montefiascone and tasted the local wine, could not otherwise communicate its exceptional quality. He decided to repeat three times the signal agreed upon and reinforce the message with six exclamation points: "Est! Est!! Est!!!". The bishop, who arrived in the country, shared the opinion of his butler and he prolonged his stay in Montefiascone for three days. Indeed, at the end of the imperial mission he returned there, stopping until the day of his death (apparently due to an excess of drinking). He was buried in the church of San Flaviano, where you can still read the inscription on the gray lava stone plaque: "For too much EST! here lies dead, my lord Johannes Defuk.". In gratitude for the hospitality received, the bishop left a legacy to the people of Montefiascone of 24,000 scudi, provided that on each anniversary of his death a barrel of wine would have poured on his grave, a tradition that was repeated for several centuries. To the bishop is still dedicated a historical parade with characters in period costume, that bring this legend.

Vittorio Puri perpetrates this myth by carefully following the rules of production of the "Est! Est!! Est!!!" and renews it giving to this legendary wine his personal stamp of taste.

Est! Est!! Est!!! Johannes Defuk