"Tuscia" was the name given to the Etruria after the end of etruscan domination, naming firmly established from the Early Middle Ages. The name originally meant a very large territory that different historical events have divided into three areas: the "roman Tuscia", corresponding to the northern Lazio or with the ancient province of the Papal Patrimony of St. Peter, the "ducal Tuscia", which included the territories of Latium subject to the duchy of Spoleto, the "lombard Tuscia", comprising the territories subject to the Lombards and forming the Duchy of Tuscia. Today is the province of Viterbo to be identified with the name of "Tuscia" or "Tuscia viterbese".
Tuscia is a land of volcanic origin. This peculiarity makes the substrate unique and it is precisely this uniqueness that characterizes the soul of our wines.

Tuscia Viterbese