Vittorio Puri

The Puri family have lived in Bolsena since 1450. The family's origins are bound in Orvieto; even today their tomb can still be seen in the San Domenico crypt in Orvieto. The fact that they had various residences and ancestors who were prelates, notaries and papal attendants gives luster to this family that has always been dedicated to the land. At the beginning of the century the Puri family had the highest house in the medieval quarter, below which was their oil press, further down the cellar.
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Vittorio Puri grew up in a family that has maintained strong, ancient traditions bound to rural customs and practices. In his youth he participated in seasonal work on the land. His love for the land was reinforced by long tales told by his grandparents, especially his maternal grandfather, who was of pure "Maremmana" origin. They often worked together through the ploughed fields, through crops waiting to be harvested, in budding and ripening vineyards and under olive trees during fruit setting. This deeply rooted love led Vittorio Puri to carry out a restructuring and strengthening programme on his property, already divided because of inheritance. He introduced soft pressing methods, inox steel vats, fermentation at a controlled temperature, and cold stabilization of wine.

In the past the vineyards were formed by rows of vines supported by maple trees. It wasn't until 1987 when Vittorio Puri, an agronomist, started bottling wine produced by the vineyards. The vineyards were planted with the classical EST! EST! EST !!! varieties in 1970. The vines are organic, and for many years have not been cultivated so that the final product is well balanced, rich in fragrance and has the classical Est! Est!! Est!!! taste and flavour.

The property is located on high ground overlooking lake Bolsena along Via Francigena, from which one gets and overall view of the sorrounding countryside, a unique panorama. The natural scenery has been enhanced by a botanical centre which was planted near the farm buildings. It even contains some rare varieties of trees.

In a bottle of wine there is the heart, soul, hard work and continuation of ancient tradition born from a love for the land.

Est! Est!! Est!!! Villa Puri, scelta vendemmiale