DOP • Colli Etruschi
Bottiglia: 0,500 lt

Cannaiola grape variety is cultivated from time immemorial in the areas pertaining to the municipalities of Marta and Capodimonte (located on the south-west side of Lake Bolsena) and to the suburb of San Savino in the town of Tuscania. After a period of relative neglect and after the approval of the designation of protected origin «Cannaiola» – «Colli Etruschi Viterbesi» the cultivation has increased and the preservation of this grape variety was all due to the tenacity of some farmers that saved the clones; among them Domenico Moretti was the first to propagate and to register his vineyard under the name “Cannaiola”.

• Description: color between ruby and purple, gives off to olfaction aromas of rose, violet, peony, wild cherry, blackberry. Flatters the palate with a sweet vein well modulated by the freshness and the savoury of volcanic soil.

• Vineyards: town of Marta, suburb San Savino, at a altitude of about 250 mt. above sea level.

• Type of soil: on flat terrains of volcanic origin with a prevalence of tuffs, rich of skeletons with slowly absorbable potassium.

• Grape variety: indigenous black grapes Cannaiolo typical of areas of Marta, Capodimonte and San Savino, handed down since long time by old farmers and always used for Cannaiola wine’s production.

• Harvest: manual and differentiated in two subsequent stages in order to harmonize the organoleptic and physico-chemical components of musts.

• Winemaking: for two weeks in presence of marcs, with daily pumpings of the wine over the cap and a “saignée” during the last period.

• Alcoholic fermentation: performed at a temperature of about 22° in order to pre-serve musts’ flavours.

• Alcoholic strength: 12.5%+2 according to the seasonal weather pattern.