IGT • Lazio • Macchia del Prete
Bottiglia: 0,500 lt

The Aleatico of Gradoli was introduced in the ancient city of Volsinii (Bolsena) by the Etruscans, who would have imported this vine by the Greeks. A legend tells that a demon lived in a cave just outside the village of Gradoli (nowdays still called Poggio del Diavolo) that terrorized the inhabitants of Gradoli with his horrible tricks. Many brave young people had tried to kill him but they were all defeated. One day the devil came home and found a lion sleeping in his cave. He tried to wake him up and throw him out, but the lion managed to defeat it and devil had to plunge into hell. Demon’s rod, however, remained tapped in the ground. The lion casually slept over it and the next day the rod had grown a vine: a vine of Aleatico. As for gratitude, the people of Gradoli put into their own emblem the lion and stick with the vine. «Macchia del Prete« is the name of the vineyard in Gradoli that gives the grapes for this marvellous wine.

• Description: ruby colour with flashes of violet, expresses intense and unmistakable flavours bound to the grape variety and to the territory; rose petals,berries, moss and pink pepper, taste persistent to the palate, supported by a good structure; the sweet vein is pleasantly modulated by the freshness, the flavour and the softness of tannins.

• Vineyards: hills of Lake Bolsena in the typical production area of the Aleatico in the town of Gradoli, with exposure at sunrise.

• Type of soil: on mid hill, sloping down to the lake, volcanic, rich of skeletons tending to the dissolution and slowly absorbable potassium.

• Grape variety: Aleatico in different clones present in the old vineyards of the territory.

• Harvest: manual and differentiated in two subsequent stages in order to harmonize the organoleptic and physico-chemical components of musts.

• Winemaking: maceration of grape’s peels inside the musts for two weeks, with daily pumpings of the wine over the cap and at least two “saignée” during the last period.

• Alcoholic fermentation: inside stainless steel at a temperature of 22°.

• Alcoholic strength: 12.5%+2 according to the seasonal weather pattern.

Macchia del Prete - aleatico